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starting in a bedroom in 2017...

painting patches for myself using cut up bed sheets and cheap fabric paint i’d found, i became obsessed with this form of art.

I created so many of my own patches that people started making custom requests. Of course i obliged, with the mindset of “these guys will pay me to do something i’m doing anyway” no question, right?

Fast forward a few months and i had set up my Facebook page, got stocked up on fabric and set out to paint as many patches as possible. Even painted my very first bulk order of 20 patches for the English band Decontrol.

When things started to progress, i taught myself stencil art and screen printing and it’s pretty much been non stop since then.

Always wanted to be a fashion designer when i was little so i’m thankful every single day i get to keep doing this. Infact, i’d live on beans on toast for life if it meant i got to keep this up so THANKS to every single one of you who have pushed me forward and/or lent a hand.

I try keep my products as sustainable as possible by only selling recycled card prints and fair trade/ No Sweat t-shirts.

You’ll occasionally see one off items available too, so keep your eyes peeled for something totally unique!

Last thing.. “if it’s inaccessible to the poor it is neither radical nor revolutionary” 

thanks for reading and much love,



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